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Anger Management Classes and Counselling

 "Men, You Don't Need To Suffer Alone With Your Anger, Depression, Marriage Problems, Or Divorce Any More..."


... Keep Reading To Discover How A Professional Counsellor Can Help You Reclaim Your Life, Family, Happiness and Health -- From The Comfort Of Your Home!


Denis HayDear Friend,

My name is Denis Hay, and I’m a professional counsellor.  Over the last 16 years I’ve helped hundreds of people break destructive patterns of anger, abuse, or violence, and achieve respectful and fulfilling relationships, as well as becoming positive role models for their children.  I’m pretty sure I can help you too!

I first got started as a professional counsellor after the breakdown of my 22-year marriage.  I used that time in my life to heal my hurt and learn alternatives to my own destructive patterns of behaviour.  This period of my life was when I experienced the most personal growth.  It has been a stimulating and interesting journey.  There is definitely life after a marriage breakdown. 

Since that time I’ve earned a Bachelor of Social Science (Psych) degree and Master of Counselling qualification, as well as certifications in Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training and an accredited provider of Level 4 Group Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) to name a few.  I have also had specific training in conducting anger management and domestic violence programs and I have led groups in a variety of venues. 

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Anger Management Classes

Anger Management & Domestic Violence Classes

We live in an age of anger and resentment. For many, life is becoming more stressful and we have less time to enjoy quality interaction with our families and loved ones.  This increased stress, coupled with the lack of skills to deal with stress and conflict, can lead us to behave in ways that do not make us feel good about ourselves and damages our relationships with the important people in our lives, the ones’ who we love the most.

Anger management or more importantly, anger regulation is a very effective way to process angry feelings so that you can break destructive patterns of behaving and learn how to tap into your inner-strength.  In this day and age anger management skills are valuable skills to have.  This program has an 86% success rate.  Anger Management Classes Statistics.

Anger Management Classes Help

I can help you learn very effective anger management/regulation skills that will greatly assist you to change angry, abusive, or violent behaviour and at the same time deal effectively with the stresses of life. 

Survivors of Abuse

This program is also suitable for people who are survivors of domestic violence or family abuse and who need to heal the pain of being abused.

Most people complete this program and are extremely pleased with the positive changes they have made in their life.

On a 7 point Likert scale (1 = very poor rating and 7 = extremely positive rating) the average feedback score from participants is 6.86.

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Anger Prevention Classes

This program will help you target pre-emotionally abusive behaviours before they develop into entrenched patterns of behaviour which are more difficult to change.

This primary anger prevention program is aimed at preventing you from starting the very beginnings of abuse, which is hurting the feelings of loved ones, either accidentally or on purpose.  This will enhance your attachment bonds with love ones and make it easy for you to deal respectfully with the inevitable conflict that arises in attachment relationships.

This program will help you to effectively deal with anger driven behaviour, before it becomes entrenched and prevents any newly forming relationship developing into an abusive or violent relationship.

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WARNING: This anger prevention program is NOT suitable for clients whose anger has reached the point of becoming abusive or violent towards their partner or children.  If this is the situation you will need the skills taught in a more intensive program. Click Here for more information.

Training Programs

For Organisations and Helping Professionals

There are many benefits for providing training programs for your staff such as helping employees develop their careers and increasing the skills of your workforce, which makes your business more competitive.

Offering your staff training programs help maintain a positive attitude and boosts morale in your organisation.  People function best when learning new skills or honing old skills.  Training programs also provide your staff with diverse skills with the benefit of increasing job satisfaction and reducing work related stress.

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Employee Assistance Program

It is very difficult to separate one’s work environment from one’s home environment.  What is happening at home affects work, and what happens at work affect home.

Many employers now recognise the benefits of providing counselling and support for their employees.  Establishing an employee assistance program in your organisation that provides counselling and support for your valued employees who are experiencing difficulties at home or at work, has a significant positive effect on many aspects of your business.

For example, improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, healthier workforce with less time off sick.  In other words, an employee assistance program will enhance your bottom line and profit.

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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an ethical requirement for all helping professionals.  Many organisations use line managers to supervise helping professionals which can lead to a conflict between their management role and their role as a supervisor. 

For a supervisee, this form of clinical supervision could create a situation of impression management, where the supervisee only discloses what they think the supervisor/manager wants to hear for fear of any negative consequences or threat to their job.

Clinical supervision needs to be conducted in an environment where you feel safe and supported; you need to feel at ease to disclose any important information in the supervision session that needs to be processed in a sensitive, supportive, and safe environment.  As your supervisor I offer you as a safe, supportive and practical approach to your supervision requirements.

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If you’re struggling with anger, relationship difficulties, depression or most issues, my personal, one-on-one or telephone counselling will help you feel happier, more hopeful, and at peace within yourself.

I offer both men and women professional relationship, individual, or couples counselling on issues such as anger management, addiction, depression, conflict resolution, sexual issues, and parenting skills, using a collaborative, non-judgemental, and respectful approach.

I can help you develop skills that will assist you to deal with challenging events like separation, depression, anxiety, and anger and use those skills to improve your relationships, especially your relationship with loved ones.
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What Satisfied Clients Have Said About Me...

I commenced the Compassion Program with high expectations.  There was a lot at stake in my personal life with a strong likelihood that my wife was going to leave me (along with my two sons) if I could not resolve my outbursts of anger.

I am happy to report that my expectations have not only been fulfilled, but suppassed.  The program that Denis rolled out is well-paced and easy to integrate into normal work-a-day life.  It is really up to the individual how much effort they apply to adopting the practices and completing weekly homework assignments.  This course itself is very powerful - simple and direct and easy to understand.  It resounds with truth.

At the completion of the course, I feel that every cent and second that I have invested in Denis's program has been well spent.  My life is richer.  My relationships are stronger.  I am content and happy within myself.  The simple techniques that I have been taught will assist me for the rest of my life.  The understanding that I now have about my core value will also endure.

I sincerely recommend this course to anyone and everyone.

I give permission to use my testimony, name, and contact details to promote Compassion Coach Denis Hay and the Compassion Core Value Program.

Wayne T, Brisbane, Australia.  March, 2009

I was depressed, confused, humiliated and desperate when my wife separated from me.  I prayed and studied the Bible scriptures for guidance, when I found Compassion Coach online.  Denis' calm, compassionate and very knowledgeable approach was instrumental to my recovery.  Through his program I learned how to establish myself again.  It taught me how to create a healthy self-esteem, how to recognise hurt in me and others, and most importantly how to prevent anger.  It taught me how to feel powerful without hurting others, how to be compassionate in the heat of an arguement, and how to act in my best long-term interest.  Whether my wife comes back or not, I'll be a much better person: more joyful, self-sufficient and emotionally mature.  The principles used are very practical, it can be used in relationships and at work.  It even ties in with some of the teachings of Jesus Christ!

Chris V, Kuwait.  April, 2009

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I look forward to working with you…



P.S.  Life is too short – Get Your Life Back On Track Now!...

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Happy Couples = Happy Kids = Happy and Peaceful Communities