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Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is having a deep awareness of how you feel.  It is understanding what motivates you to do one thing or another, its not just a surface awareness.  It is also having the skills to be able to regulate how you feel, so you choose your emotion.  You are not allowing your emotions to control your life.

Emotional intelligence is having an awareness of how other people feel and what makes them behave in certain ways.  You cannot have an awareness of how someone else feels if you do not understand how your own emotions work.

Our emotions play a significant role in our thought processes, they influence the decisions we make and have an impact on individual success in life.  Emotional intelligence, EQ is more predictive of your success in life than your Intellectural intelligence IQ.

You probably have know people who did extremely well in school, and they fail at just about everything they do, that is because they have low emotional intelligence.

IQ does not change much over the course of your life.  However, emotional intelligence you can learn.  High EQ helps you to get optimal results from your relationships with yourself and others.  Its the ability to perceive, use, understand, and manage emotions.